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B.E.A.C.H. LIFE Track to Success and Purpose After-school Program

Each component of the Beach Life Curriculum anticipates a change in the perceptions and performance of game players. These are our behavioral objectives. These changes are measurable. Although they may be general or specific, concrete, or abstract, cognitive, affective, or psychomotor. Our process is interactive and interdisciplinary. This allows all the Evolve Community Foundation members, volunteers, donors, student interns, professionals, strategic partners, and other community stakeholders to help create and preserve the long-term sustainable wealth and a better quality of life that we seek for the students, game players and other members of the communities we serve.


Level 1: Game 0-5 (Pre-k through 5)

Level 2: Game 6-8 (Middle School)

Level 3: Game 9-12 (High School)

Level 4: Game 13-12 (college, trade, general workforce, raising families)

Level 5: Game 17-19 (college, advanced trade, permanent workforce, raising families, graduate)

Level 6: Game 20-23 (research, publish, manage, train, prepare next generation, community, post grad)

Level 7: Game 24 – prepare the next generation for level 1 and continue to deliver the mission.

The Evolve Community Foundation BEACH Life Curriculum and Game helps students to learn how to be successful and make positive changes in their communities. The game is divided into seven levels that match up with the ages of the students. At each level, students will learn about business, education, art, community, and health. They will also learn how to be respectful, faithful, strive for perfection, and to stay away from violent behavior.

Workforce Development

With Evolve Community Foundation Inc B.E.A.C.H. Life Strategy, we will take on the recruitment, development, training, and coaching responsibilities for potential employee’s partners. The goal is to lay the foundation for work-study students to:

  • learn the B.E.A.C.H. Life Track to Success and Purpose Operating System,
  • become BEACH Life Community Coaches, and
  • be deployed within companies and organizations that serve students and families in the K-12 sector.

Evolve Community Foundation Inc is collaborating with Morgan State University “Federal Work Study Program” to begin developing cohorts of community coaches to enter the workforce with the Evolve B.E.A.C.H. Life mindset. This work is a part of our mission and our community engagement strategy to allow the students to engage in real-world experiential learning in Community and Youth Development. This is a part of Evolve Community Foundation Inc.’s innovative workforce development strategy.

As a company, we want our work study students to feel welcomed and a part of the Evolve Community Foundation Inc family. We want our work-study students to feel like they have a voice and a role in the company’s successful delivery of its charitable mission. We are a company that is empathetic and supportive of all members of society regardless of race, religion, cultural background, gender, or sexual orientation.


Week One
The Evolve Community Foundation Inc. Mission, Vision and Strategy

Week Two
Evolve Guiding Principle

Week Three
Breaking down B.E.A.C.H

Week Four
The ABCD’s of Communities; Understanding the communities we serve.

Week Five
Bring in representatives from partnering organizations to share mission and employment opportunities.

After completing a 5-week training on our system, Community Coaches will be assigned to go through the (Volunteer) onboarding processes with our student “placement partners” so that by the end of the semester, they will be onboarded, trained, and ready to accept any offers from our partner companies.

Therapeutic Landscapes

Trauma, stress, and social isolation are pervasive issues in many communities, especially those that have been historically marginalized and underserved. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these challenges, creating a mental health crisis that affects individuals and families across all age groups. Research has shown that exposure to nature and green spaces can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being, reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Through this program, we will offer a wide range of products and services, including pond construction, landscaping, and maintenance, as well as advice and guidance on how to maximize the benefits of a therapeutic landscape. By tapping into the growing demand for outdoor therapeutic spaces, we can expand our customer base and attract new clients who are looking for unique and effective ways to improve their mental health and well-being.

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