Board of Directors

Governs the organization, ensuring efficient and effective operations while representing the interests of the communities serves.

Advisory Board Member

Guides the organization's mission & enhances its impact by providing insights and recommendations.

Coach Bilal Bahar - Dean of Advisors

Coach Bilal Bahar is the visionary founder of Evolve Community Foundation Inc. With a profound commitment to community mobilization  and over a decade of experience in non-profit leadership, Coach Bahar has dedicated his career to fostering civic engagement and social equity. He holds a background in interdisciplinary studies encompassing entrepreneurship, communications, and community development. Under his leadership, ECFINC has developed impactful programs that inspire and mobilize individuals to effect positive change in their communities. Coach Bahar’s passion for community service and his strategic insights are instrumental in advancing the Foundation’s mission.

Jena Roscoe - Financial Literacy Advisor

Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Public Policy and member of the Operating Committee at Operation HOPE, brings exceptional expertise and strategic vision to the Evolve Community Foundation Inc.’s Board of Advisors. With a strong track record in developing and sustaining partnerships across international, federal, state, and local governments, Jena is deeply involved in public policy forums focused on financial literacy, economic education, and small business entrepreneurship. Her extensive network, including affiliations with the Urban Financial Services Coalition, National Bankers Association, and the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area, along with advisory roles in various impactful projects, positions her to significantly enhance the Foundation’s initiatives. Raised across multiple states and now residing in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, Jena’s educational background from Howard University and The American University in Paris complements her professional experience. Her commitment to economic empowerment and community resilience aligns perfectly with Evolve Community Foundation Inc.’s mission, ensuring her contributions will drive positive change and sustainable development in the communities the Foundation serves.

J. Adam Frederick - Marine and Aquatic Environment Advisor

Serves as the Assistant Director for Education at Maryland Sea Grant College (MDSG). With 29 years at MDSG, he collaborates with the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) in Baltimore, Towson University, and Georgetown University to develop innovative educational resources, including interactive lessons and 5e instructional strategies. Notably, he leads the Aquaculture in Action program, integrating aquaculture systems into classrooms for over 25 years to promote project-based learning. His international work includes the VIRTUE-s Project, engaging teachers and students in marine biodiversity and microplastics research across several countries. Mr. Frederick’s publications span prestigious journals and educational books on environmental science and aquaculture education. He holds a B.S. in Biology/Education from Slippery Rock University and an M.S. in Environmental Biology from Hood College. With a 38-year career in education, he has received numerous accolades, including the Tandy Technology Scholars Teaching Award and the James Centorino Award from the National Marine Educators Association. His leadership roles include serving as President of the Sea Grant Education Network, the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association, and the National Marine Educators Association. Mr. Frederick’s extensive experience and commitment to educational innovation align seamlessly with Evolve Community Foundation’s mission to empower communities through education and sustainable development initiatives.


Richard Yoskey - Financial Advisor

A distinguished member of the Evolve Community Foundation Inc. Board of Advisors, bringing a wealth of expertise in strategic management and business development. He holds an Executive MBA and has a proven track record of driving growth and innovation across various sectors. With extensive experience in leadership roles, Richard is dedicated to empowering communities and fostering sustainable development initiatives. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the Foundation’s mission of creating impactful, positive change.

Ed Roberts - Business Analyst

Embodies the spirit of innovation and empowerment at Evolve Community Foundation Inc. As a member of our Board of Advisors, Ed’s diverse expertise and qualifications resonate deeply with our mission to create and preserve long-term sustainable community wealth while enhancing the quality of life for students, families, and stakeholders. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on business administration, Ed’s strategic vision propels us forward on our journey toward positive change. His certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and SAFe6 Agilist exemplify his commitment to agile methodologies, ensuring that our initiatives are dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of our communities. Ed’s dedication to cybersecurity, as evidenced by his CompTIA Security+ certification, reinforces our commitment to protecting digital assets and fostering a secure environment for growth and innovation. Moreover, Ed’s passion for music and his certifications as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) bring a creative and collaborative energy to our team, enriching our approach to community engagement and empowerment. With Ed’s leadership, guided by the principles of creating lasting impact and sustainable growth, Evolve Community Foundation Inc. continues to evolve and thrive, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Keith R. Jones - Education Leadership

Brings a wealth of experience and passion for education and environmental stewardship to the Evolve Community Foundation, Inc. With over three decades of service in Montgomery County Public Schools, Keith has dedicated himself to fostering learning and empowerment within diverse communities. His journey began as a teacher, where he taught grades 2-6 for nearly two decades before transitioning to roles such as Elementary Math Coordinator and eventually Principal. Throughout his career, Keith has demonstrated a commitment to nurturing the potential of young learners and creating inclusive environments for growth. His leadership in environmental education is particularly noteworthy, as he led his school to pursue MD Green School status and the US Department of Education Green Ribbon award. Even in retirement, Keith’s dedication persists, as he continues to contribute to outdoor education through substitute teaching and volunteer work. Keith’s expertise and dedication align seamlessly with ECFINC’s mission to promote sustainable solutions and community engagement. As a member of the Board of Advisors, Keith will provide invaluable insights and guidance, leveraging his extensive background in education and environmental advocacy to support ECFINC’s efforts in creating long-term sustainable community wealth and enhancing the quality of life for all stakeholders.

Anthony V. Archer - Risk Management/Diaspora Relations

 A seasoned privacy and legal professional with a Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and a CLEO Fellowship from Georgetown University Law Center, joins the Evolve Community Foundation, Inc. (ECFINC) Board of Advisors with a wealth of expertise in privacy and compliance operations, international relations, and political science. Anthony’s commitment to legal studies and his understanding of complex regulatory frameworks align seamlessly with ECFINC’s mission of creating and preserving long-term sustainable community wealth. His negotiation skills and international relations background will be instrumental in advocating for community needs and influencing policies in line with ECFINC’s values. With a passion for social justice and a drive for continuous improvement, Anthony’s presence on the Board strengthens ECFINC’s capacity to foster education, empowerment, and sustainable solutions within underserved communities. Welcome, Anthony, to the ECFINC family, where your dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve.

Tim Chng - Asian American Initiatives and Advocacy Advisor

As a principal software developer for Yahoo Inc., Tim brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to community building. Throughout his life, he has been instrumental in strengthening the Taiwanese American community and championing Asian American initiatives and collaborations. Tim currently sits on the MD Governor’s Commission for Asian Pacific American Affairs and serves as the Vice-chair for the Maryland chapter of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs. Tim has been a resident of Baltimore City since 1999, where he has raised his family with three children who have graduated from the city’s public school system. His dedication to education extends to his role on the Board of Trustees for the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he advocates passionately for the youth of Baltimore City. At Evolve Community Foundation Inc., Tim will help us advance our mission and deliver our proprietary B.E.A.C.H. Life Track to Success and Purpose Community Operating System, along with our various programs, projects, and initiatives. We are excited to have Tim’s expertise and vision as part of our leadership team.

Brian Shilling - Outdoor Environmental Education

An Outdoor Environmental Educator with Montgomery County Public Schools for 30 years, certified in science, social studies, and special education. For the past 20 years, he has specialized in outdoor environmental education, teaching K-12 students and training teachers. He leads a 3-day overnight education program for 6th graders, providing Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences, and has coordinated an Environmental Film training and festival for high school students for 14 years. Brian has partnered with organizations such as American University, the AFI Theater, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, NASA, and the Gandhi Brigade. He primarily works at the Lathrop E. Smith Environmental Education Center in Rockville, MD.

Tasha Woodberry - Conflict Resolution/Public Policy Advisor

A dedicated and driven human rights advocate, committed to championing the rights of underrepresented groups with unwavering passion and determination. As an expert in conflict resolution and public policy, Tasha excels in navigating complex social and political landscapes to foster understanding and cooperation among diverse communities. Her ability to energize and motivate individuals toward a common goal is unmatched, making her a pivotal figure in creating consensus and driving collective action. Whether mediating disputes or advocating for policy changes, Tasha’s approach is rooted in empathy, inclusivity, and a deep commitment to justice. Tasha brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the Evolve Community Foundation Inc. Her contributions are not only instrumental in shaping effective strategies but also in cultivating an environment where every voice is heard and valued. Tasha’s leadership and vision are vital assets to our Board of Advisors, as we work together to create lasting, positive change for the communities we serve.

Michael McQuerry - Communication Advisor

Bringing extensive experience in public relations, strategic communication, and media relations. With a distinguished career spanning multiple sectors, including government, non-profit, and corporate communications, Mike is adept at crafting impactful messages and engaging diverse audiences. His expertise in media strategy, stakeholder engagement, and crisis communication ensures that the Foundation’s mission and initiatives are effectively communicated to the public. Mike’s passion for community development and his exceptional communication skills make him a vital asset to Evolve Community Foundation Inc.

John "Can Man" Keller - Urban and Economic Development Advisor

A celebrated former Marine renowned for his heroic actions during Hurricane Katrina. When nearly 300 residents were trapped in the American Can Apartments in New Orleans, John risked his life to ensure their safety. He fought off looters, swam through floodwaters, and hot-wired boats to guide his neighbors to safety. John’s dedication to community and resilience in adversity exemplify his commitment to helping others. His extensive experience in crisis management and community leadership will be invaluable to the Evolve Community Foundation Inc. As an advisor, John will bring his economic development and sustainability expertise to our efforts, fostering growth and resilience in urban communities. With his background in leading recovery and rebuilding efforts, John’s insights will be crucial in advancing Evolve’s mission to integrate urban culture with environmental education and stewardship. His unique perspective and unwavering dedication to service will inspire and drive our initiatives forward.

Theresa L. Marsh - Film and Television Advisor

A seasoned Production Accountant with over 34 years in the film and television industry, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Evolve Community Foundation Inc. Born in Newport, Rhode Island, and now residing in Vero Beach, Florida, Theresa has worked on over 50 productions across the United States, managing budgets totaling millions of dollars. Her extensive career is complemented by her love for mentoring newcomers in the industry, sharing her insights, and fostering new talent. Theresa’s diverse cultural experiences from living in major cities and traveling abroad enrich her perspective, making her a valuable asset to the ECFINC team. Her dedication to environmental causes and community engagement aligns perfectly with ECFINC’s mission, ensuring she will be a driving force in advancing the foundation’s initiatives.

Shawn Caesar - Marketing Advisor

A highly accomplished entertainment marketer, entrepreneur, strategist, and music producer, newly retiree formally serving as Vice President of Marketing at DTLR. With a career that began at 14 as a DJ and evolved into co-founding Unruly Records and Direct Drive Record Pool, Ceez has played a pivotal role in shaping Baltimore’s club music scene. At DTLR, he established the first marketing department, created the influential DTLR Street Team, and co-founded the Remy Martin Producers Series. His extensive experience in marketing, artist development, and event management has significantly contributed to DTLR’s national success. Ceez’s dynamic leadership and innovative strategies are invaluable to Evolve Community Foundation Inc.’s mission to merge urban culture with outdoor and environmental education, conservation, and stewardship. His deep understanding of urban and cultural competence will help create a more diverse, just, equitable, and inclusive industry now and in the future. As a member of our Board of Advisors, Ceez’s insights and experience will drive forward our strategy to foster a deeper connection between urban communities and the natural world.

Marc Johnson, M.Ed - Education Services Advisor

Serves as the Education Services Advisor for Evolve Community Foundation Inc., bringing over two decades of experience in science education and curriculum development. With a solid background in teaching and educational leadership, Marc is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and innovative learning strategies. He has a proven track record of enhancing STEM education through his roles as an educator and consultant, where he has developed impactful programs and resources for students and teachers alike. Marc’s passion for education, combined with his expertise in curriculum design and instructional technology, makes him an invaluable asset to the Foundation’s mission of empowering communities through education.